About us

On the basis of our many years of experience on the German and Polish markets, we create fireplaces that are on the one hand, of highest quality, and on the other hand, tailored to each individual investor’s budget.


Our two, cooperating companies - Kaminzentrum Niko GmbH in Berlin, Germany and Centrum Komina Ltd. LLP in Zielona Góra, Poland – care for our NIKO brand to be the guarantee of our customer's full satisfaction.


We comprehensively install our fireplaces throughout Europe. We use the best fireplace and stove inserts produced by top European brands, such as Spartherm, Brunner, or Leda. Each of our customers is guaranteed a free fireplace design with a 3D visualization, as well as expert advice on the technical issues, pricing, and architecture. Our staff are always doing their best to select the most optimal fireplace, tailored to the customer’s needs. Our fireplace surrounds are carefully produced in our stone processing plant. We provide a wide selection of marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, tiles and other materials for the fireplace construction.


As a result of the combination of the German and Polish assets of our businesses, each of our customers receives the highest quality product, but which is also very important – at a competitive price.


The comprehensiveness of our offer is confirmed by the fact that we are also the manufacturer of the NIKO chimney systems (www.chimneys-niko.com).

All architects, construction companies, developers, as well as individual investors are kindly invited to start cooperation with us. Let’s build your dream fireplace together!