How to choose the power of the fireplace?

The size of the fireplace should be properly matched to the needs of the house occupants. As a general rule, 1kW of the minimum power of the fireplace can warm up approximately 10 sq. m. of the average home. It is, however, not as simple as it seems to be. Fireplaces have different sizes and the shapes of the glasses, which has influence over division of energy expenditure. What is more, different manufacturers provide different powers, in a very similar range of fireplace inserts. According to our observations, the German manufacturers have slightly understated powers in relation to the Polish, whereas the French – exaggerated. Extremely important is also the rooms arrangement which are to be heated by fireplace. In view of the above, we kindly welcome you to contact with our advisor who, after professional interview, will match for you the best fireplace.


Fireplace for allergy suffers

The most fireplaces on the market hest the house by air convection. Unfortunately, excessive air movement is not good for people suffering for various types of allergies. We have extensive experience in building so-called heat accumulating fireplace in Hypocaustum technology. Hypocaustum fireplaces have not got any grids in fireplace’s body. So there is no any excessive air movement. The whole shape of the fireplace heats up slowly but for a long time and remains warms, despite the expiry of the fire in the hearth. It is enough to put wood twice, to fireplace remain warm up to a 24 hours. As a result, the surrounding of the fireplace gets less dirty. The heart of the Hypocaustum heat accumulating fireplace is stove insert – specialist fireplace insert, that is able to withstand thermal overload, which arise as a consequence of non-air grids. It isgood to know, that warm fireplaces are very efficient because they recover the energy from the smoke, which is impossible in the case of standard fireplaces. It is important to the necessary calculations were made at the level of designing this kid of fireplace . Our company has specialized software for this purpose. We are looking forward to your inquiries.


Is it worth to invest in a fireplace with a closed combustion space?

The fireplace with a closed combustion space gets 100% of the combustion air from outside. Thanks to this, the balance of the movement of the air in your home is not disrupted. It is very important if you have mechanical ventilation – recuperation. There is no any air grids in the house with recuperation. There are only ventilators into ‘clear’ rooms and into ‘dirty’ rooms (boiler house, bathroom). There is installed recuperator in the garage and in the attic. It carries out air in the continual way. In this type of house there is no other option like installing the fireplace with a closed air combustion.  Particular attention should be paid to the tightness of the connection the air inflow tube to the fireplace insert. Much more harsh requirements are present in the case of passive houses. Selection of the fireplace inserts needs to be strictly thought over not only in the case of the tightness, but also in the case of the power. The fireplace inserts for passive house are extremely tight, they even have a special pressure of the door closing mechanism. Our company specializes in the fireplaces’ and chimneys’ construction in passive house. We kindly welcome you to familiarize with our offer.


Is it a good idea to convert a open fireplace into a closed fireplace?

The aim of this kind of conversion is getting safer exploitation and greater amount of heat. Open fireplace burns the fuel extremely quickly and this process is unable to be slowed down. As an consequence, there is a little heat. In addition, the spark can easily appear outside the fireplace. We have recreantly reported an increase number of conversion of the open fireplace into closed. Depending on structure, the conversion may result in a slight remodelling of the existing hearth, or the total demolition of the fireplace. Unfortunately, wood inserts cause greater tendency to smoke-backs, so for sure a solid fireplace insert is the best option. Installation the front door to open hearth is also not a good idea. After installing this kind of lock, open fireplace very often cracks and can cause further damages. We consider each case always individually, so it is difficult to specify a single, universal prescription for conversion the open fireplace into closed.


Does fireplace heating is effective?

Fireplace heating is effective if it is professionally designed and constructed by competent company. Taking into account the Polish climate and long ‘transitional’ seasons, the fireplace will allow you to save some money and will cause a great satisfaction. And this is the reason why we come up to our clients individually. We try to know their lifestyle, requirements in the field of fireplaces. The most popular is also GDP hot air distribution, which means transferring the fireplace heated air into other rooms, even situated in the long distance for the perpendicular of the chimney. Our clients very often decide to buy a fireplace that is connected to the central heating installation. This kind of fireplace is able to provide a whole-house heating, at the same time saving a gas boiler. In addition, the water in a container can be heated. However, more and more often another form of fireplace heating is chosen, this is so-called accumulation of heat from the fireplace. Heat accumulating fireplaces are made with the use of plates and other chamotte elements, which effectively store the energy. Thanks to this process, the heat accumulating fireplace can still remain warm up to 12 hours after dying out the fire into the hearth. It is also worth to be added, that there is some kind of heat accumulating fireplace on the market. This is so-called Hypocaust, that heats not by the way of air convection but on the basis of heat radiation of the whole fireplace form. We kindly welcome you to contact with our advisors who will suggest the best fireplace heating to you.


Does the baffle is needed into the fireplace?

If you have a fireplace insert with a baffle there is no need to install another on the smoke pipes – the part connecting a fireplace with a chimney. But if the fireplace insert, belonging to ‘the cheapest’,  does not have a baffle and you observe that wood burns too quickly, you can take into account installation of a baffle. Of course, in every cause a baffle can not be installed into a chimney. However, it is beyond doubt that the modest fireplace inserts, generally, have not got a baffle because they are very airtight. So the installation of the additional throttle is needless.


Does fireplace insert with glass opened upwards is a good choice?

Fireplace inserts with glass opened upwards have the advantages and disadvantages. It is beyond doubt that advantages are: opening the fireplace insert door without collision, the possibility of sitting at the open hearth (obviously at certain conditions), a chance to choose the fireplace inset with a large glass (opening on the side is not possible). We can, however, extract some disadvantages and dangers stemming from the mechanism exploitation of opening the glass upwards. The first is a breakdown – the parts of this kind of mechanisms breaks and you have to repair it (most commonly break links). In addition, many producers of such inserts require annual maintenance of mechanisms, though there are some of them who do not have such recommendations. We have also observed that inserts with the glass opened upwards often crack. We kindly welcome you to the contact with our advisors who will do their best to choose the best solution for you.


What is the best choice: steel or cast-iron fireplace insert?

As long as several years ago, most of cast-iron fireplace inserts had quite inelegant appearance, and was rejected by clients who had a vision of modern fireplace. Therefore, the sale of steel fireplace inserts has expanded and now there are many models of cast-iron fireplace inserts on the market, that look great and they are at the same aesthetic level as the ones made of steel. It is important to mention about one thing – cast iron is much more durable than steel, hence a cost-iron construction will be more stable than a steel ones. We have noticed that most of complaints is connected with exploitation of a steel fireplace inserts, whereas a cast-iron ones actually do not exist. The complaints concern first of all, cracks in glass of the fireplace inserts and faults in the mechanisms of opening the glass upwards. It needs to be noticed that mentioned lack of faults do not concern the low cast-iron fireplace inserts class. Our company recommend fireplace insert, that practically everybody can afford it, but in the same time we always inform our clients about advantages and disadvantages of every kind of fireplace inserts. Currently the latest and the most durable are made by German Leda. Not only there has not been any complaints up to now, but also the mechanism of opening the glass upward does not require annual maintenance, as it is necessary in the case of many manufactures of the steel fireplace inserts. We kindly welcome you to the contact with our advisors who will help you to choose the best appropriate hearth.


Does a fireplace insert need to have a air inflow from outside?

Every the latest fireplace insert should be provided with a stub-pipe, that is used to a air inflow tube was hermetically fasten to an external combustion. Thanks to this process, the air,, needed to the combustion, will be taken from the outside of the house, and this will not case a sleepiness of the occupants during its exploitation. In addition, a fireplace will be resistant to a pressure fluctuation in the room, and there is a little chance that smoke-backs will appear. It is important to remember that most of the houses are very airtight due to gravitational ventilation, which often causes problems with the proper functioning of the fireplace and a ventilation duct.


Is it possible to install a fireplace in a block of flats?

Few conditions have to be done, to enjoy the exploitation of the wood burning fireplace in a block of flats. The most important issue is to have a free chimney channel, that would be used to remove smoke from the fireplace. To do this you must commission the best chimney sweep to find this channel, and at the end will make out and professional opinion. This opinion have to contain the specific recommendations in preparing a chimney for removing a smoke. If a flat, where a fireplace is going to be installed, is the part of the community, than a consent of  occupants will be needed. It may happen, that a chimney sweep will not find any free chimney channel – than it is necessary to contact with our technical advisers to consult about steel chimney installation. If, however, this concept also failed, the only option is installation of the bio-fireplace -  a fireplace for eco-fuel, that does not require any chimney.