Heat accumulating fireplace – the best choice

Today’s fireplaces, in most cases, are devices, which are easy to the eye, make great atmosphere during winter days, and also heat the living rooms. We meet however, the clients who claim that during the burning in the fireplaces there is too hot in the room, and cold comes quickly after fire dies out. Indeed, this phenomenon can take place and this is, without doubts, certain flaw.

We have however a great solution to this problem – the heat accumulating fireplaces!!!

Professionally built this kind of fireplace gives not only economical benefits but also the comfort of feeling the heat. While burning the fire, the air in the fireplace insert is not overheated because accumulators are charged in many forms: chamotte plates (walls), overlays-rings, chamotte smoke channels. Thanks to this, when the fire dies out the heat accumulating fireplace can be still warm up to 12 hours. As a consequence, it is enough to load fireplace twice to have enjoyable warmth by all night. All installation is monitoring and regulating by electric driver, which, on the base of temperature measurement, optimizes the process of combustion, and at the same time do not allowing accumulated energy losses. Thanks to this advanced technology construction of the heat accumulating fireplaces, so-called warm places - warm seats and walls, can be design which in a great way can warm up our shoulders and lower parts of the body during the autumn and winter days. We have to notice that the heat accumulating fireplaces warms up by their all solid on the basis of heat radiation, and not on the basis of the air movement (convection), which is acceptable by allergy suffers.