Modern fireplace installation – sintered quartz

Use sintered quartz to build the fireplaces is a great alternative to natural stones. The proverbial vertigo can be made by variety of colours and texture which we can be found in our offer. Sintered quartz seem to be a great products thanks to exceptional properties like: the extraordinary durability with minimum thickness (3-8mm),  fire and high temperatures resistance, resistance to the action of chemical agents, and the fact that they are all made of natural components. They can be used to floorings, kitchen and bathroom countertops, furniture facing, as well as elevations. Below you can find sample visualization with the use of sintered quartz. On the walls there was used sintered quartz called Oxido Grido, on the bench the ones imitating wood – Kauri Moro. We are pleased to inform our clients that our company is authorised representative and contractor of the sintered quartz. If you had any questions about applications, properties, patterns or prices, we kindly welcome you to the contact with our advisers. The sample of the realization with the use of sintered quartz you can also find at the distributor’s website