Preparation of the fireplace to the exploitation

The first firing up the fireplace after long break will not be the greatest pleasure, especially if you do not remember about a few important things. Firstly, periodic chimney wire cleaning, according to applicable law, in the case of wires to the furnaces fired with solid fuel, must be carried out every 3 months. They are not any of clerical exaggerations, it is all about your safety. Accumulated soot can result in damages in the case of spontaneous combustion. So, if you did not invited the loveable man in the black hat after last winter, now is the most appropriate moment  to grasp your button.

The next thing is to remove accumulated dust and other pollutants that may have collected on and in the fireplace installation. As far as possible, pull out the upper grids, located in the fireplace installation, and remove the dust by the use of a vacuum cleaner. Repeat the same operation with the bottom grids . The grids wipe with a wet duster. This simple procedure saves you the unpleasant smell of the singed dust during the first light. Check the state of all gaskets. They may require replacing. Check out air inlet to the fireplace insert – if you have one. Sometimes it happens that inlet grid is polluted, or completely stuffy for some reason.

If you did all above the above steps, you can now provide yourself with the well seasoned wood and... voilà