The best mechanisms for fireplace with glass opened upwards

There are many fireplace inserts with glass opened upwards, that are currently available on the Polish market. On the base of our experience, and discernment in all brands and models, we believe that special attention should be given to the mechanisms of opening glass upwards.

It turned out, that there are a lot of faults connected with this kind of fireplace insert – the mechanisms seize, they begin to work more and more harder and louder, and there are cracks of the lines in mechanisms, and even on the glass. In most of cases, manufacturer require systematic preservation of the opening mechanism, but very often the users do not care about it and there is no need to be surprised.

The German LEDA company, that is one of the leaders on the European fireplace market, offers the most recent mechanism of opening glass upwards. LEDA fireplace inserts, line SERA, has excellent mechanism based on altitude springs placed in guideway. As an consequence, the door raise surprisingly easily and silently. It is worth to be noticed, that using the LEDA glass mechanism does not require any maintenance and is completely maintenance-free. The evidence of the high quality LEDA fireplace insert is 10-year warranty.  We recommend LEDA fireplace inserts, particularly a series of SERA.