When fireplace overheats

Generally, too large chimney draft is responsible for too intensive burning in the fireplace. To reduce draft in the chimney, you can put acces point in the regulator of the chimney draft . It is specialist insertion to the acces point, which by the weight on its arms causes connection holes of the acces point (in the case of high chimney draft – the acces point is opened and it lets the air leak into the chimney, at the same time regulating chimney draft). If you do not have this kind of regulator, it is recommended to open a little the acces point door at the bottom of the chimney.

The another way is to install a baffle on the smoke pipes (the part of the tubes connecting fireplace insert with the chimney). It is enough to push the baffle to effectively reduce the speed of combustion into the fireplace.

If the above methods fail, you should carefully check the fireplace insert:

• the quality of the gaskets on shafts and between the door and frame of the fireplace,

• sticking the door to fireplace insert,

• the tightness of the fireplace insert,

• the efficiency of the regulation of the air supply.

You also need to keep in mind that some species of wood burn quickly, for example birch.